Nero Receiver APK v1.0.27 [Pro] [Updated]

Nero Receiver APK

Nero Receiver APK – The best & easy to use the renderer to receive and play media on your mobile device. Remote control your phone or tablet from PC and your device act as media player/renderer for PC-stored videos, photos & music.

Nero Receiver APK Features

Cast media in between mobile devices, even across different platforms, using Nero Receiver to playback and e.g. Nero Streaming Player to send media!

Nero Receiver is compatible with multiple UPnP / DLNA media servers such as Nero MediaHome®, Windows Media Player® and many more!

 Stream videos, photos & music to your tablet in the garden!

☆ Listen to PC music playlists on your smartphone in the bedroom!

☆ Friends came over? Show some photos & slideshows sitting on the couch!

Nero Receiver provides you with the solution!

✔ Play photos, videos & music stored on the PC to your mobile device

✔ Stream music and music playlists

✔ Stream photos and slideshows

✔ Cast single videos or several videos in a row

✔ Play any media file from Windows Media Player® to your tablet or mobile

✔ Cast media files using other UPnP / DLNA media servers

✔ Pause or stop media playback and skip titles using your smartphone

Special features in combination with Nero MediaHome

✔ Transcoding: always stream in a device-compatible format

✔ Face Recognition: automatic categorization of your photo library

✔ Geotagging: sort photos by places you have visited

 Themed Slideshows: stream slideshows with automatic intro/outro, transitions & music

How to proceed for Nero MediaHome:

1. Open Nero MediaHome on your PC.

2. In the upper right corner, you’ll find a screen symbol as ‘Play To’ device selection window.

3. Select your Android tablet or smartphone from the list.

4. Select a video, photo, a slideshow, or a music playlist in Nero MediaHome.

5. Press play in Nero MediaHome & start enjoying your content around the house on your mobile device!

For how to proceed with other UPnP / DLNA media servers (e.g. Windows Media Player®) check out Nero Know HowApp under FAQ ‘Nero Receiver’.

Please note: Your PC and mobile device need to be on the same WiFi. It is highly recommended to use only in private and secured wireless networks.

Nero Receiver
Nero Receiver
Developer: Nero AG
Price: Free




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