SnapShot Premium Unlocked SnapChat Screenshots v2.0.2 [Latest]

SnapShot Premium Unlocked SnapChat Screenshots

SnapShot Premium Unlocked SnapChat Screenshots – Download SnapShot Premium Cracked SnapChat Screenshots apk for Android free, This app intelligently prevents apps like SnapChat from detecting that you took a screenshot with this app. With this app you can take these secret screenshots with just the home button.

  • Start on startup – SnapShot uses this permission to enable a workaround to an issue happening on some Samsung devices, where SnapShot will stop working after a reboot. When this option is enabled in Settings, SnapShot runs a few lines of code to fix the error on startup.
  • Draw over other apps – This permission is used to show hints when the user has not enabled all necessary options in the settings and wants to take a screenshot.
  • Read/Write External Storage – This is (obviously) for storing the screenshots on the phone’s memory.
  • Google Play License Check – This is to make sure you are not using some fake version of the app, only the official version downloaded from here.

SnapShot - Screenshots Pro
SnapShot - Screenshots Pro
Developer: Introne Apps
Price: To be announced

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